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TAPELESS WOUND CARE PRODUCTS is a system of patented secondary wound dressing retention devices, offering a superior alternative to traditional secondary wound dressings, including tape, gauze, elastic wraps and elastic netting. The "TAPELESS" system features:
  ●    No skin adhesives
●    Washable and reusable
●    Time saving application and easy to use
●    Non-constrictive
●    No latex
●    Anatomically designed for comfort and reliable securement
●    Clinically tested

Here is what Woundcare Specialist are saying about Tapeless Woundcare Products:
  “This unique product has proven to be superior to conventional methods of securing wound dressings. Many patients cannot tolerate adhesive tapes. It is very cost effective due to the fact it is washable and reusable” Dr. Edwin O. Jenkins, D.P.M. 

Tapeless keeps primary dressings in place without risking restriction of circulation. No adhesive means more comfort and much less risk of compromising the skin around the wound site. Ann Burrows, District Nursing Sister  South Buck NHS Trust 

Case studies suggested the Tapeless dressings were effective in holding primary wound dressings in place on difficult sites…...elbows, heels and sacral areas. Frequency of dressings changes was reduced which aided wound healing and reduced nursing time involved. Patients skin quality also improved because we were not using adhesives or plasters. There was no risk of compromising or breaking the surface of the skin through the application or removal of adhesive.

Fiona McGregor, RGN, DipN, is a tissue viability nurse

Helena Baxtor MSc, RGN, is a clinical nurse specialist in tissue viability